Manage contacts in Pilot Voice

    This article explains how basic users can manage their own individual contacts in the Pilot Voice portal.


    Adding contacts to your Pilot Voice portal is a great way to keep track of your contact list and ensure quick, easy dialing access to those that you interact with frequently.

    As a basic user, you can add contacts manually, import them from Google, Outlook or Apple, or export them. 

    Click through the tabs below to learn about the different ways to add and export your contacts. 

    How to add a single contact

    Step 1: Log in to the Pilot Voice portal. Your Login Name will be in the format of extension@domain. 

    Step 2: Click on the contacts icon on the top navigation bar

    Step 3: Click “Add a contact” 

    Step 4: Fill out the contact info and click save

    How to mass upload a contact

    Step 1: In the contacts tab, navigate to the upper right corner and click “import”

    Step 2: The portal enables contact uploading from Outlook, Google and Apple vCard. To access or create these contacts do the following: 

    Accessing your contacts from Google

    Step A: Login to your Gmail

    Step B: click the 9 dots in the upper right-hand corner and click contacts

    Step C: here you will see your existing contacts, and if you don’t click create contact to make one

    Step D:  Enter contact info and click save 

    Step E: Click the 3 dots to the right of the contact and export.


    Accessing your contacts from Outlook

    Step A: Open Outlook and click File.

    File Tab

    Step B: Click Open & Export > Import/Export.

    Open & Export Tab and Import/Export Option

    Step C: Select "Export to a file."

    Step D: Click Next.

    Export to a file Option and Next Button

    Step E: Select "Comma Separated Values." 

    Step F: Click Next.

    Comma Separated Values Option and Next Button

    Step G: Select Contacts option under Personal Folders. 

    Step H: Click Next.

    Contacts Option and Next Button

    Step I: Click Browse and choose both a name and location for the exported file.

    Step J: Click Next.

    Browse Button and Next Button

    Step K: Click Finish.

    Finish Button

    For more information on exporting contacts out of Outlook click here.

    Accessing your contacts from Apple vCard

    Step A: Navigate to the contacts app on your mac 

    Step B: Click on an existing contact, or create a new one by clicking the + sign and then new contact