Record a voicemail greeting message using the Pilot Voice App

    Follow these steps to upload a new voicemail greeting message using the Pilot Voice mobile app.


    The Pilot Voice App puts your office phone in the palm of your hands. But, if you’re in between subway stops without service or are lounging on the beach, you might not be able to answer all incoming calls. Through the Pilot Voice App you can easily record a new voicemail greeting so that your callers know you’re not at your desk. Whether or not you tell them that you’re in Bora Bora while it’s -10 in NYC is up to you. 

    How to Record a Voicemail Greeting Message from the Pilot Voice App

    Step 1: Log in to the Pilot Voice App. Your Login Name will be in the format of extension@domain. Click the hamburger icon in the lower menu dock. It is the rightmost option on both iOS and Android versions of the Pilot Voice mobile app. A menu will appear. 

    Step 2: Press the Greetings option followed by the plus icon on the top right-hand corner. Then enter a name for your greeting in the text box. 

    Step 3: Record your greeting by pressing the blue record icon. Once done, press the blue stop button to stop recording. 

    Step 4: Check your greeting by tapping the blue play button. 

    If you don’t like your recording, you can click the REDO button in the bottom left corner, otherwise you can click the SAVE button in the bottom right corner if you are happy with it. 

    Once you save your recording, it will appear in the Greetings menu and be automatically selected as your main Greeting.

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