Setup Netgear ProSafe FVS318G

    January 6th, 2021

    To ensure proper hand-off, please ensure devices are powered on in a specific way. This ensures that each device syncs with their respective network and listens for the DORA process.


    All networking devices turned off (Computer, Modem and Netgear)

    Step 1.

    Connect your ISP's connection to the port labelled WAN on the Netgear. With a 2nd ethernet cord, connect your computer to the port labelled LAN 1.

    Step 2.

    Turn on your ISP's modem and allow 2 minutes for it to sync with it's WAN.

    Step 3.

    Plug the power into the Netgear ProSafe FVS318G and allow 1 minute for it to boot and sync with the modem.

    Step 4.

    Finally turn on your computer and head to to access the Netgear's setup page.

    Step 5.

    Ensure that the test LED is off and the WAN + LAN led is on and solid. This will ensure normal operation of the Netgear. For additional troubleshooting steps, and if your LEDs do not show normal operation, please consult this guide:

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