Create time frames (or schedules) in Pilot Voice

    Use these steps to set up time frames in Pilot Voice. Once you create time frames, you can use them to customize answering rules and Auto Attendant responses.


    An Auto Attendant is only as useful as the answering rules it’s programmed to follow, and some of the most common answering rules are created based on time frames. Need an example? Business hours and holidays are perfect since they’re repeatable, clear-cut time frames. Once you’ve set them up in your company’s portal, you’ll be able to incorporate them into other Voice system customizations. 

    Create New Time Frame

    Watch this video and follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Log in to the Pilot Voice portal as a Manager. Your Login Name will be in the format of extension@domain. Click Time Frames in the navigation bar.

    Step 2: Click Add Time Frame. Add a descriptive name for the time frame in the text box. 

    Step 3: Select when you would like the time frame to occur. Choose between always, certain days and times of the week, or specific date ranges. 

    Step 4: Click Save to add the time frame. Repeat these steps if you’re adding multiple time frames.

    Verification (optional)

    Want to double-check that the new time frame is working? Go to the Answering Rules section of the correct user. A blue Active tag displays next to the current time frame.

    Time frame examples 

    Example 1: Always

    • Click Add Time Frame
    • Name: Always
    • When: Always
    • Click Save

    Example 2: Business Hours

    • Click Add Time Frame
    • Name:  Business
    • When: Days of the week and times
    • Select the check boxes for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The system will default to 9 AM to 5 PM, based on the time zone set for that user
    • Click Save

    Example 3: Holidays

    • Click Add Time Frame
    • Name: Holidays
    • When: Specific dates or ranges
    • Use the calendar icon  to select the date for each holiday you want to add. For additional dates, use the green plus icon
    • Click Save


    You can now use these time frames in your Auto Attendants and answering rules. As you set these up, keep an eye on the time zone—exact times specified in the time frame will apply based on the time zone set for the user.

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