Create a caller ID prefix in Pilot Voice

    Follow these quick steps to create a caller ID prefix for any phone number set up in Pilot Voice.


    Caller ID prefixes (sometimes CID prefix or clip) offer a simple way to help tag calls. This tagging is helpful in a few scenarios: when different offices are routed to the same extension, tracking DID call sources, or just trying to keep call destinations more organized. 

    This guide explains how to add a CID prefix.

    How to Create a CID Prefix

    Watch the video and follow the steps below.

    A video tutorial about how to create a caller ID prefix in Pilot Voice

    Step 1: Log in to the Pilot Voice Portal. Your Login Name will be in the format of extension@domain. Then select Inventory from the navigation menu.

    Step 2: Locate the line with the phone number you want to give a prefix. Then use the edit icon for that number to edit individual fields. 

    Step 3: In the Caller ID Prefix field, enter any word or letters you would like to prepend to the incoming caller ID. Stick to the basics, no special characters are allowed in the CID. When you’re finished, click the Save button and the CID prefix will be active.

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