What is hosted PBX?

    This short article explains what a hosted PBX service is and how it works. It also contains quick links to learn more about Pilot Voice and Pilot Voice features.

    In the world of telecom, PBX stands for private branch exchange. That’s essentially just a private telephone network for one company/organization to use, where everyone inside can communicate internally and externally. The company’s PBX also contains various communication channel possibilities, like Voice over IP. And that’s exactly what Pilot Voice offers. 

    These aren’t just any telephone systems. Nowadays, they’re pretty advanced so employees can keep up with calls in a variety of situations. A classic example is working remotely or traveling for business. In these cases, a hosted PBX makes it possible to stay connected to a business phone system while on the go. 

    It’s called “hosted” because a provider (in this case, that’s Pilot. Hi!) takes care of and operates the phone system. Pilot Voice works on a bunch of devices and even has a mobile app available. 

    Have any other questions about a PBX or how Pilot Voice works? Reach out to support@pilotfiber.com any time and we’ll help. 

    For a full list of Pilot Voice features, see What features does Pilot Voice support?

    To learn more about Pilot Voice, visit https://www.pilotfiber.com/voice

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