Update firmware on Fortigate 60D

    January 6th, 2021

    Step 1.

    Ensure that you have FortiExplorer installed and your Fortigate 60D is connected to your computer with either a console, USB or ethernet cable. Also ensure that your Fortigate 60D is registered so that the device can receive updates.

    Step 2.

    Open FortiExplorer and click on the device overview which shows the devices serial number.

    Step 3.

    Click on the downoad button next to the latest build of firmware. After the download completes, there will be an update button that will appear. Click on the update button and allow a minimum of 5 minutes for the router to install the firmware.

    Step 4.

    To ensure that the correct firmware version successfully installed. Please restart Fortiexplorer and view the device overview page.

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