Setup your FaxBridge for Pilot Voice

    This article will show you how to setup your FaxBridge out of the box. A FaxBridge is used to sync your fax machines with your mFax service, eliminating the need for POTS (analog) lines. Setup is quick and easy.

    The fax bridge syncs your fax machine(s) with Pilot’s mFax service. This is why you don’t need analog lines to send and receive communications. Typically, Pilot will install your fax bridge at the same time your handsets are installed. In case you need to move your fax machine or buy a new one, follow these steps below to get reconnected!

    Make sure you’ve got the right FaxBridge equipment

    • RJ11 telephone cable
    • Cat5e or Cat6 network cable
    • Power adapter
    • mFax FaxBridge

      Front of FaxBridge                                                                Back of FaxBridge

    Get connected

    Step 1: Connect the fax bridge

    Start by connecting the network cable provided to an open ethernet port. Plug the other end into the FaxBridge WAN port. 

    Then, connect the power adapter into the PWR port. Plug the other end into an open A/C outlet.

    Connect the RJ11 telephone cable into the FAX port. Plug the other end into your fax or copier machine.

    Step 2: Make sure FaxBridge is online

    After plugging in your FaxBridge, call Pilot at 855-578-5500 to verify it’s online. You can also email to check.

    If you get the all clear, your device is online and ready to send faxes.

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