Can I keep my old phone number with Pilot Voice?

    Good news—most phone numbers can be ported from one carrier to another. Read on to learn how the process works.


    We get it. Switching to a new voice provider can be nerve-wracking, but Pilot designed everything about the process to be a cinch. And you most likely won’t have to part with the digits you already use and share with customers. 

    Keeping and porting phone numbers

    Most phone numbers can be universally ported from one carrier to another. 

    Any numbers you need to keep will be verified with the current carrier first (via an LOA). Once that’s good to go, we’ll handle the cutover of your existing numbers to Pilot to ensure a smooth transition. No surprises here. 

    If your company requires new DIDs, Pilot can provide those as well. 

    Local Number Portability (LNP) lets customers in the United States port existing telephone numbers (traditional or VOIP-based) from one phone service provider to another. Pilot provides an automated portal that will create a LNP port request to initiate this porting process.

    How long does the porting process take?

    If the provided account information all checks out, a full port should only take 15 days. This time frame may stretch to 45 days if the previous phone provider operates on a different timeline.

    If you have additional questions, head back to the Support Center or contact Pilot Support directly.

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