What devices are supported on Pilot Voice?

    For each Hosted Voice seat, Pilot provides one Polycom VVX250 handset, Polycom 302 ATA, or Fax Bridge. While we’re only able to troubleshoot hardware we’ve provided or sold, additional equipment is compatible with Pilot Voice via the provided ATA.

    When it comes to getting up and running, we designed Pilot Voice to be as simple as possible. That’s why you’ll get free phones to pair with your service. 

    Specifically, Pilot provides one Polycom VVX250 handset or Polycom 302 ATA per seat at no additional cost. For seats dedicated to fax machines, Pilot will supply a Fax Bridge. 

    Think your office may need a conference phone too? Pilot sells two models, the Polycom IP5000 and Polycom Trio 8500.

    Right now, we’re only able to troubleshoot hardware we’ve provided or sold. However, the following devices are also compatible with Pilot Voice should you wish to keep your existing equipment: 

    • Poly VVX 250/350/450 (Running UCS version 6.0.0 and newer)
    • Poly VVX 300/400/500/600  (Running UCS version 5.8 and newer)
    • Poly VVX 101/201/301/401/501/601
    • Poly VVX 310/410
    • Poly VVX 311/411
    • Poly VVX D230
    • Poly SoundStation IP 5000/6000/7000
    • Poly Trio 8300/8500/8800 
    • Poly Calisto 3200/7200
    • Poly OBI 300/302/504/508
    • Netsapiens SNAPmobile (Android, iOS, webRTC)

    Connecting a Device That Isn’t a Handset to Pilot Voice

    Many credit card terminals, burglar alarms, and postage machines can run on your Pilot service using the provided analog telephone adapter (ATA). Many kinds of older hardware were designed to run over traditional phone service and might require additional equipment to make things work right.*  

    Devices Pilot Voice Does Not Support or Allow
    Some devices are prohibited or aren’t supported on Pilot Voice. Even if the ATA makes it possible to connect them, these devices are not allowed on the network. We’ll immediately cancel all services related to the account if any of the following are added:

    • Health and safety devices
    • Medical monitoring devices
    • Fire alarms
    • Elevators
    • Emergency response monitoring

    (We may need to add to this list in the future, so Pilot reserves the right to modify as necessary.) 

    Questions about device support? You can get in touch with us at support@pilotfiber.com

    *If you are a current Pitney Bowes customer, you can order an ethernet connectivity kit at no charge.

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