When will my Voice service be installed?

    The timelines for Pilot Voice installation depend on whether or not your office already has Pilot internet up and running.

    There are two timelines for Pilot Voice installation, depending on whether or not your office already has Pilot internet up and running. 

    Already using Pilot internet

    Since your Pilot internet is already up and running, your voice installation, Voice installation will be scheduled after you’ve submitted your number porting documents (more on that process here). Your account manager will coordinate the install date around the number porting timeline, which could be as fast as 15 days pending your carrier’s policies. Learn more about Pilot Voice installation here.  

    Not yet using Pilot internet

    If you’re getting both internet and voice service installed (woohoo!), your Customer Experience Associate will schedule the internet installation first. 

    Dedicated internet access can be installed in as few as 5 days if Pilot’s fiber is already in the building. If Pilot’s network isn’t in the building yet, installation ranges from 60–90 days after the building manager gives the go-ahead. (Check to see if your building is on Pilot’s network.)

    Once your Pilot internet connection is set up, the account manager will schedule Voice installation.

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