Access account codes for calls in Pilot Voice

    This article explains how account codes work and how to access account code logs inside the Voice portal.


    In terms of outbound calling, account codes are used for tracking purposes. Usually, this feature is requested and used by businesses like law firms or agencies when calls are billed to a specific client.

    Anytime 099 is dialed before a destination number, the system will ask the user to enter an account code. The system will accept any number and combination of digits for the account code (it’s not verified). After the account code is entered, the system will announce to the caller, "Your call is now being transferred" and the call will be connected.

    The account code will then be displayed in the Call History for the call. The purpose of the feature is not to restrict calling, but rather to allow callers to associate a client with a call for reporting purposes.

    How to view account codes 

    Log in to the Pilot Voice Portal. Your Login Name will be in the format of extension@domain. Then select Call History.

    The PAC column on this page will contain the account codes that were entered for calls that requested them.

    You can manually check this tab to access account codes or export the information to reference later.

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