Complete a factory reset on your Meraki MX

    This guide covers how to restore factory settings on a Meraki MX.


    Having problems with your Meraki MX? Issues like slow connection, freezing, or other minor glitches might be driven by data stored on your device. But not to worry, the solution is simple: a factory reset. 

    Factory resets remove all personal user data from a device, and restores the device to its original settings. Doing this  can help troubleshoot your device by removing any data that may be causing problems. 

    Follow the simple steps below to factory reset your Meraki MX.

    Note: Make sure you jot down any important details or configurations on the device prior to the factory reset - as once it's done, that info is gone!

    Reset your Meraki MX

    Step 1: Most, if not all Meraki devices have a factory reset button labeled “Reset” or denoted with a round arrow symbol. Locate this button on your device.

    Step 2: You’ll need a paper clip or similar pointed tip object to press and hold that button for about 15 seconds or until the power LED turns off, whichever happens first. 

    Note that any static IP configurations you may have had on the appliance prior will need to be reconfigured. 


    And just like that, your Meraki MX will be restored to its factory settings—ready to be reprogramed for your company’s use or to upcycle.

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