Quick guide to the callback option for call queues with Pilot Voice

    This short overview explains what the Callback Option is used for with a quick, non-technical explainer on how to pick up calls.


    It’s not fun to be on hold with no end in sight, but music and recorded messages can help the mood! Longer wait times need something extra and that’s where callback options come in handy. 

    If a caller’s wait time exceeds the Queue Ring Timeout and the Allow Callback option is turned on, the caller will be asked to call back later, stay in the queue and get a call back when someone’s available, or to leave a message. If they opt to stay in the queue and leave a callback number, the Pilot Voice system automatically will ring the next available person and dial the caller back. 

    If only we could apply this to all other queues in our life—talk about convenience!

    Answering a Customer’s Callback from the Queue:

    • Press any key to accept the call. Using 1 is pretty easy to remember.
    • A confirmation message will say the call is being connected to the original caller.

    To prompt the Pilot Voice system to call the next-available person, just hang up or ignore the call.

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