Work remotely with Pilot Voice

    A high-level overview of how to use Pilot Hosted Voice when you’re away from the office.


    Whether you’re away from the office, working from home, or just on the go, you can seamlessly continue to make and take calls with Pilot Hosted Voice. This guide explains how to stay connected from anywhere.

    Use your handset outside of the office

    If you’re going to be working remotely for an extended amount of time, taking your handset with you provides the best call quality and most office-like feel. Talk to your Customer Experience Associate to order a wireless kit that includes a power adapter and WiFi dongle. 

    Use the web-based softphone

    Have your laptop handy? You can make calls, check voicemails, or chat with team members from the Pilot Hosted Voice web-based softphone Access it from any computer that supports Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This option provides great call quality when paired with a wired headset.

    Learn how to use the Pilot web-based softphone

    Use the Pilot Hosted Voice mobile app

    The Pilot Hosted Voice mobile app allows you to stay connected from anywhere. This method provides the ultimate convenience—for Android and iOS—but there are some limits to system functionality. Download the Pilot Voice mobile app for iOSorAndroid

    Learn all about placing calls using the mobile app

    Important: If you bring your handset home, you must provide your home address to Pilot’s Customer Experience Team so we can get e911 services enabled for your address. e911 emergency services are not supported with options 2 or 3 (webphone or mobile app).


    To put it simply, Pilot Hosted Voice can be as flexible as your work setup. Whether you’re running things from home, traveling, or away from the office for a bit, you can still rely on Pilot’s different options to get the job done.

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