Conference control shortcuts: a full list of star codes for Pilot Voice

    This guide contains shortcuts to help you quickly navigate actions in a group conference call setting.


    Love them or hate them, conference calls are here to stay. Bookmark this list of shortcuts to use during calls. It contains essential star codes to help do everything from controlling the volume to managing who’s able to speak. 

    Conference Control Codes

    If you’re logged in to a conference bridge as a leader, these conference call shortcuts are all fair game. These controls are not available to general participants.

    Star Code




    Toggle Mute

    Toggle mute on or off

    [*]701[+]Participant's number

    Add and Call Participant

    Call public switched telephone network (PSTN)


    Start Recording

    Records the conversation


    Call Participant

    Add extension to conference


    Stop Recording

    Turns off conversation recording


    Dec Rx Gain

    Lower volume to participant


    Reset RxGain

    Reset volume to participant


    Inc RxGain

    Turn up the volume to participant(s)


    Dec Tx Gain

    Lower volume to conference


    Reset TxGain

    Reset volume to conference


    Inc Tx Gain

    Turn up volume to conference


    List Participants

    To announce the list of active participants


    Toggle Announce On/Off

    Toggle announcement on or off


    Disconnect All

    Disconnect all other participants


    Toggle Conference Lock

    Toggle conference lock


    Count Participants

    To announce the count of active participants


    Mute All

    Mute all other participants


    Unmute All

    Un-mute all other participants


    Speaker Sign-On

    Sign-on as speaker


    Leader Sign-On

    Sign-on as leader

    Looking for more Pilot Voice shortcuts? Check out this list of other standard star codes.

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