How Pilot installs the eero routers

    This article explains how Pilot installs eero routers to get offices set up with managed WiFi service.


    Pilot partners with eero to provide a best-in-class WiFi system alongside simple-to-use network management features—all from an app on your phone. 

    One of the main reasons we love eero? It’s simple to set up and use. This article explains how we perform your installation.

    Getting an eero WiFi system set up

    Step 1: Pilot installs the internet.

    Before we hook your office up with eero, Pilot will install the internet. This installation timeline depends on a few different factors (your CXA can detail the specifics). 

    As part of that process, Pilot sets up an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). This device works as a passive bridge that needs to be connected to an external router (in this case, your eero) to access an internet connection.


    Step 2: Pilot installs an eero in your IT closet.

    Once your company’s internet is up, our technicians will install the eero device(s) for your office WiFi. 

    It will most likely sit inside a telecommunications closet (telco closet). This is usually the space that houses all your required network peripherals like switches, routers, and servers. It’s ideal not to block the eero with other devices or metal casing. It needs some room to breathe to properly submit the signal.

    Pilot installs the eero here so it can act as the gateway for everything else in your office. It can provide a hardwired connection to any switches or hardwired devices that connect back to that room. 

    Once connected, it works like this:

    Step 3: You pick a wireless network name and password

    You choose the wireless name and password. Our technician will program it into the device. Simple as that!

    Pro tip: Name the network something different than what you’re currently using. For example, if everyone connects to “YourOffice_5G,” have the technician use “YourOffice_5G_Pilot.” This gives you a distinct way to recognize the new network from the old one so no one gets confused.

    Step 4 (As needed): Pilot installs additional eeros

    Generally, one eero can cover up to 1,500 square feet. It’s possible that the coverage from the eero in your telco closet isn’t enough. If that’s the case, we’ll add on and set up more, and will even place them in optimal locations with proper wall mounts.

    Not sure how many you need? Pilot technicians are experts. We’ll help make recommendations and share how unique things like support beams, microwaves, and even neon signs can impact wireless coverage and inform placement decisions.

    Luckily, any extra eeros can be connected wirelessly or plugged into the primary eero with an ethernet cord. So if your office space is short on wall jacks, we can still install them and ensure great coverage in “hostile to wireless” locations.

    Step 5: You download the eero app

    Once Pilot finishes setting up the network, we’ll transfer control to someone in your office. They’ll have access, via an iOS or Android app, to control network settings—everything from changing the SSID and password to enabling a guest network or viewing diagnostics.


    That’s that! Installation is quick, simple, and handled by pros every step of the way. 

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