Optimize the Pilot Voice auto attendant

    This guide explains how to use Auto Attendant features to best direct callers and provide service more efficiently.

    Automated Attendants, or Auto Attendants, are programmed answering services that greet and direct callers to the right person or location. Think of them as a 24/7 call monitor that can help your customers on a regular basis, when you can’t reach the phone, or during off-business hours.

    Best-practices for Your Auto Attendant Service
    Like most things in life, keep it simple. For the best caller experience, try not to use too many options in the Auto Attendant’s directory. It’s best to shoot for no more than three options. If three doesn’t cover the most important functions for your business, just make sure not to go over seven total options.

    Tip 1: Make it short and sweet. Each recorded message should be no longer than 60 seconds.

    Tip 2: Keep options that go direct to voicemail options to a minimum. If the customer is calling outside of business hours and no live support is available, they should be sent to the voicemail of the person who can help them best.

    Tip 3: Maintain the flow of the menu. If the first option is “Press 1 for support”, don’t make the next one “Press 9 for sales.”

    Tip 4: Don’t make frequent menu changes. Find a menu structure that works and only changes a little to avoid confusing callers.

    Tip 5: Keep your Auto Attendants up-to-date. Employees might come and go, but your Auto Attendant is forever—unless you update it. 

    Tip 6: Allow a live help option such as “Press 0 for an operator.”

    Tip 7: Listen to your recordings before publishing them. Callers shouldn’t have to strain to hear the message, but it shouldn’t be deafening loud either, so double, triple check they are are at the right speed, volume, and clarity is crucial.

    Tip 8: Use an editor for recordings to delete long pauses, shorten recordings, and improve sound quality overall.

    Tip 9: Save all Auto Attendants with "AA" at the beginning of the name for clarity. For example, "AA Open Hours." 

    Tip 10: Contact the 
    Pilot Support Team when in doubt! We’re available for questions or to set up your Auto Attendants—just make sure you’ve pre-recorded your greetings.

    Ready to set up your Auto Attendant? Use this step-by-step guide.

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