Activate or deactivate hot desking in Pilot Voice

    Use this quick guide to turn hot desking on or off (also known as hoteling).


    Hot desking (or hoteling) gives team members the flexibility to work from different locations, offices, or workspaces. This feature sends your extension number—and all your settings and preferences—with you wherever you work. Whether it’s another office in the city or a different desk down the hall, you’ll be able to log in and keep working without swapping numbers, extensions, or voicemail boxes. 

    Use this guide to turn hot desking on or off, but keep in mind that these steps only work for user extensions and devices enabled with the feature.

    How to Activate Hot Desking 

    • Dial 5002 from any registered phone
    • When asked for an account number, enter your Extension Number
    • When prompted for a password, enter your Voicemail PIN
    • If the Account Number and Password are entered correctly, the system will announce, "The Device Owner is [User who owns the extension]”
    • Dial 2 to change ownership of this device 

    How to Deactivate Hot Desking

    • Dial *73 from the device being used to hot desk—this will remove the forward rule that was set during activation
    • Dial *46 to give ownership back to the original device 
    • When prompted for a password, enter your Voicemail PIN

    Interested in using other star codes? Check out Pilot’s list of most common shortcuts.

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