Reboot your Meraki MX

    This article explains when to and how to reboot your Meraki MX.


    Wondering why your Meraki MX has slow connection? Well the answer may be as simple as a device reboot.

    Rebooting is the go-to, first step when troubleshooting any device, and rebooting your Meraki MX can particularly help improve device performance by fixing slow connection or lags. 

    To reboot your device, follow the steps below:

    Reboot your appliance directly from the Meraki Dashboard

    Step 1: Hover over “Security & SD-WAN” on the left pane and choose “Appliance status” under Monitor.

    Step 2: Choose “Tools” from the top ribbon

    Step 3: In the “Reboot device” section click “Reboot appliance”


    Rebooting your Meraki MX is a great way to solve connectivity issues. But if a reboot doesn’t solve your problems, check out this article on how to factory reset your device.

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